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Welcome to ukrainian plant of modern animal feed production, where innovation meets excellence
Unleashing the power of Fishery Tech plant
1 237 m.sq.
of modern production powers, where we redefine the standards of quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction
1 000 kg
product per hour to cover any production inquiries from customers.
Use of renewable power sources
solar power plant, strategically positioned on our roof, ensures eco-friendly electricity generation, minimizing environmental impact.
Safety and security at the core
located in a carefully chosen setting that prioritizes safety advantages, our production facility minimizes risks and guarantees the well-being of our employees and the integrity of our products.
European excellence and experienced specialists
who helps us to supply animal feed that meets the highest industry standards.
Innovative approach and quality control
which are embedded at every stage of production.
Meticulous selection of suppliers for raw materials
Quality products with care for animals and nature
Timely delivery of goods
tailored to customers.
reliable cooperation.
Directions of our production

Private Label

  • Determination of individual client needs
  • Development of a unique recipe by our technologies
  • Design development of the original packaging (on request)
  • Support of the customer from the beginning of the project to the first unloading in the warehouse
Production of food for dogs and cats
Mixtures for industrial fish farming
* Production of granulated complete nutrition extruded feed mixtures for industrial fish farming
Fishery tech plant equipment

Our plant is equipped with powerful equipment by the world

We are proud of our own laboratory where we carry out incoming control of raw materials for protein, fat, ash, calcium and phosphorus content. And we also control indicators of already finished products. We do not just produce quality feed, we take care of every detail.

Packaging of the product takes place at the spot of production, which reduces the risks of foreign impurities.

Production processes
Grinding and mixing
We start by feeding the raw material into the grinding and mixing equipment, where it is carefully moistened and mixed until homogeneous.
Extrusion stage
The mixture goes through the extrusion stage, where it undergoes precise time and high-temperature processing under a pressure of up to 60 atmospheres.
After the granulation process, our product becomes easily digestible, and harmful microflora is disinfected, preserving the maximum amount of vitamins, trace elements, and amino acids.
Drying and cooling
The granules undergo a drying procedure in special cabinets, where excess moisture is removed, and then they undergo a cooling stage.
The final step is packaging our finished product on the packaging line, ensuring its careful preservation.
After being stored, our products are sent to store shelves and to end consumers who are eagerly waiting for our product!
Enterprise development plan
  • II quarter: Opening of the plant and start-up of production facilities.
    Start of production lines for pet food and feed mixes for industrial fish farming.
  • Quarter III: Completion of construction and certification of our own laboratory for researching the quality of products used in the manufacture of various types of fodder.
  • IV quarter: Modernization of the packaging line.
    Launch of the line for the production of food for cats of various breeds.
  • Modernization of equipment to increase production volumes.
  • Starting the process of growing aquatic biological resources of exotic species and building new types of systems for a certain method of growing.
Perfect location
The location of our production has been chosen in the vicinity of the Tylihulske Lagoon. The optimal placement of the plant offers numerous advantages. Logistic and transportation factors were taken into account, allowing us to optimize the delivery time for both raw materials and finished products.